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AMAZONS strives to create an environment which allows all players and crew to have fun in a safe environment.

Please read the whole policy. If you have any questions please direct them to the Ref Team via the Amazons facebook group.


You must not:

- Discriminate against others based out-of-character attributes
- Use derogatory or bigoted language based on out-of-character attributes
- Sexually harass other participants
- Make references to unacceptable themes (detailed below)
- Become so drunk that you are unable to roleplay safely
- Smoke or vape in an inconsiderate manner
- Use illegal substances
- Film or photograph others without their consent
- Interfere with another participant’s belongings or mobility aids
- Attempt to shrug off responsibility for your actions

If you break this policy, we can:

- Offer you a warning and/or discuss the situation with you
- Ban you from attending future events
- Ask you to leave the event
- Share certain information with other organisers, at our discretion
- Take legal action, if the situation is sufficiently serious

We will:

- Take all complaints seriously
- Keep your information confidential, especially around complaints
- Aim to provide any reasonable adjustment needed to improve accessibility

AMAZONS is designed to be a game to tell the stories of female or non-binary people. As part of this, it is only open to people who are either female or non-binary. For people within this part of the gender spectrum, we aim to make the event as broadly accessible as possible. If you would like to ask us to make an adjustment or accommodation in order to make the game more accessible to you, please let us know and we will explore what we can do for you.


Themes and Triggers

If there are themes and images that you would strongly prefer not to encounter during roleplay, such as ones that may produce a trigger response, please let us know when you book so we can minimise your exposure to them, or remove them altogether from play. Generally speaking, please use the following guide for themes.

These WILL be part of the game:

Fertility, Family Planning, Childbirth
Colonialism, Immigration, Racism (Speciesism)
War, Violence, Death, Body Horror
Memory loss and mind control
Conflicts of Religion vs Science

These WILL NOT be part of the game:

Non-consenting sexual activity of any kind
Child mortality



Some players may not be safely able to engage in LARP combat. These players will be identified to the refs and playerbase in advance, to minimise the chance of them being struck with weapons, even by accident. If you become unsafe to fight partway through the game, or believe another player has forgotten that you are a non-combatant, you can indicate that you may not be physically struck by calling “Not Fight Safe!” Players disregarding this may be excluded from games. Players may instead stand within melee striking distance of a non-combatant character, and say “I am disabling your character.” This renders them unable to move from the area or use skills. They may follow this with “I am executing your character”, if they wish, which kills the non-combatant character.

As a note, all IC spaces are potential combat zones. There do not exist IC areas that are completely safe from combat.

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