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Please complete the Booking and Character Creation form Below:

PLEASE NOTE: Amazons is designed as a game to tell the stories of female or non-binary people. As part of this, both player and crew spaces are only open to people who are either female or non-binary.


The deadline for player and crew booking is May 30th.

Please note places will be decided by lottery once the booking deadline has passed.

If you have friends you wish to play with, make sure to include their names in the relevant space on the booking form. Groups of up to 5 may book “together” in this way and will either all get to play, or none get to play.

A small number of spaces will be specifically assigned to new LARPers (those with less than 1 year of experience).


Player tickets are £80 - This includes catering.


Crew tickets are £20 - This includes catering.

Once the booking deadline has passed and places have been assigned, payment details will be made available.

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