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This guide is meant to help you put together costume and props for your character. The costume inspiration is a mashup of classical costume with chromatic space age accents. We are obviously taking a lot of inspiration from Wonder Woman (2017).

This is a one-off LARP, so there is no expectation that anyone will spend a great deal of either time or money on costume. If you are having trouble sourcing a costume, please let us know, we might have something in the kit stash not being used for our crew.

BASIC LOOK: plain chiton, vambraces, tiara.


We would encourage some combination of neutral base layers (white, beige etc) plus a metallic, chrome or iridescent accessory. Neon colours are not appropriate for this game.

Base Layers

A chiton or a peplos. They’re basically a folded sheet pinned at the shoulders (see diagram) and belted at the waist. They can be made in more or less any length and width.

The characters you are playing are all part of a single spaceship crew and so we would encourage everyone to wear a version of this. Families and groups can mark their affiliation by wearing the same colour.


The basic look involves covering the forearms, which can be done with vambraces, long fingerless gloves, cloth wraps, chunky “cuff” bracelets or even personally significant tattoos.

Leather vambraces are excellent, but this is also a good place for ‘alien’ or ‘tech’ looking materials and designs!

Whilst there are no mechanical benefits based on amount of armour worn, we encourage players who have chosen the Warrior path to wear some armour to denote this.


We encourage anything that looks either Grecian or Interstellar. Think cool shapes and sci-fi finishes such as chrome or iridescence.


Tiaras or helmets.


We encourage makeup and nail polish in bold space shades such as shiny duochromes or bright metallics.


The site isn’t particularly flat so we encourage footwear that you feel happy to run around in on hilly ground.


Do not bring gun physreps. Should your character start with guns or acquire them during the course of the game, props will be provided.


We encourage swords, shields and bows and similar graeo-roman style weaponry. Please ensure that your weapons are in a safe condition, there will be a weapons check at the beginning of the game. Clubs, maces, flails or polearms are not appropriate for this game.

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