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My name is HYPPOLYTA, the [H.P.P.Light.A] Artificial Intelligence in control of this Antigone Class Colony Ship OPPORTUNITY.

We are now 77.6 light years from Planet Themyscira, and I am pleased to report all systems normal.

[Awaiting Instruction…]


AMAZONS: The Sci-Fi LARP is a 3 day Live Action Role Play event.

PREMISE: Amazons arrive on earth in Greece on a colony ship. It is 500 BC. What follows will be the stuff of legends.

AESTHETIC: Classical fashion, bad ass sic-fi weopons. Vambraces. Blasty future-guns and humming future-swords. Sickening levels of beauty and strength and cunning.

GAMEPLAY: Combat, mystery, politics. A mix of PvP and PvE. The expectation is that players may die IC, will make difficult choices, will do ethically and morally dubious things, and come up against stark choices for both themselves and their loved ones.

CHARACTERS: Supernaturally strong warrior queens from another planet. Engineers. Scientists. Engineer scientists. Spacetime travel experts. Political leaders. Historian ambassadors. Geomantic mystic leaders and scholars. Biotech ship technicians. Architects. The Amazonian colony ship selected only the finest and the children of the finest to board.

THEMES: Immigration, reproduction, moral corruption and necessity, exile, technological dystopia.

ALL player-characters will be written as female. We are inviting only women and non-binary people as players.

Board the Colony Ship OPPORTUNITY today!


The event will run 28th-30th September 2018, at Birch Hall Scout Camp.

The booking deadline for players and crew is 30th May 2018.

See the 'Booking info' page for more details.

Please note player spaces will be assigned by lottery once all bookings are in.

Find the facebook page here:

Game Design Philosophy

Here is a longer, more detailed description of what we intend for players to be doing in-game.


– The ref team will respond to player action

– The game is designed around three main areas of story: interpersonal, factional and overarching.

This game is centered on the premise of playing a fictional race of alien superbeings who land on Earth, somewhere in Greece, at around 500BC. The overarching story that everyone will take part in shaping is a story about uncovering a mystery about your race. During the game, players will be tackling problems that the crew members of a colony ship would encounter upon arrival. These problems will include fixing broken ship equipment, finding necessary resources, fighting dangerous Earth creatures and meeting the local Humans. The choices that players make will determine how this story ends.

Another central premise of the game is that you have decided to celebrate your Origin Myth as a way to mark your arrival to a new planet. This can include player-led Geomancy ceremonies, storytelling by players, gifts of original poetry between players and etc. The way Amazons celebrate or mark this occaision is entirely up to the players to decide, and these are only suggestions. Which brings me to saying that roleplaying interpersonal relationships between each other is a big part of the game. We’ve decided to support this roleplay by giving everyone pre-written briefs, where players can choose to be each other’s friend, mentor, mother, confessor and etc. These player-to-player interactions are meant to add detail and enrich your character’s story.

Sandwiched in the middle between the overarching plot and the interpersonal plot is the political plot. The Amazon society is divided into three general politcal groups — the Military, the Geomancers and the Scienctists. The game is designed to support factional politics, interesting debates and power brokering between these groups.The written background story material will support dramatic loyalties, interesting betrayals and difficult choices. Again, this is the skeleton upon which the players can add their own spin on how you think these politics will play out.

Finally, I should also remind everyone to look at the content warnings that we have listed on our website, as well as the Equality and Diversity policy that we have in place. We are committed to those values and are willing to listen to feedback on how we can make the game as accessible as possible.


For the uninitiated, here is a broken-down, jargon-free description of what players will be doing over the course of the event. We hope you find this helpful!

The game is a kind of improvisational outdoor theatre. Each player will be given a fictional character to play in the game.

'Player versus Player’ Game You may have fictional conflict with other characters written into your character’s story, which through improvisational interaction between other players, you will develop and/or escalate throughout the game. This, you and other players can do at your own pace entirely. You may also have fictional relationships written as part of your character, which you can similarly develop.

‘Player versus Monster/Event’ Game The game staff will also arrange some set-piece story events, which you can take part in. They will usually be some kind of challenge for some of the players to take part in. These are meant to be enjoyed as part of character and ‘Plot’ development.

Game ‘Plot’ and 'Player Agency' The overarching, larger story being developed by all of the players together, throughout the whole event, is called Plot. In this game it is part of the game’s design that the staff and the players will collaborate to bring the plot to a satisfying and meaningful conclusion by the end of the event. The genre of this game’s story is Science Fiction/Mystery.

Collaborating means that the players will do things as their characters, which the referees (staff) of the game will note throughout the event, and respond to with appropriate, interesting game challenges and story developments.

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